Mlle. Patience Rohmer Head Mold

Mlle. Patience Rohmer Head Mold
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    We are excited to debut our MADEMOISELLE PATIENCE ROHMER head mold, the latest addition to our line of French Fashion head molds that are available for our resin Jointed Body. Madame Marie Antoinette Leontine Rohmer of Paris created this outstanding doll during the time she had her business in Paris from 1857-1880. The Rohmer doll was and continues to be a very sought after and beloved poupee, always elegantly costumed and dressed. You will be thrilled with this exceptional mold which was created from an authentic antique Rohmer doll of the highest quality and incomparable beauty. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to Cynthia Howe and Darlene Lane for their tireless effort, time and work in bringing this project to fruition and giving us the opportunity to offer this magnificent masterpiece to you. It is their efforts that have spanned over a year, hence the name Patience,  that has made this mold a reality for the doll world to treasure and enjoy.

    With our mold, you will receive a reference sheet for Mademoiselle Patience Rohmer which has an outstanding photo of the antique Rohmer that you can use as a guide when painting Patience.

    We have created and added a pleasing blush colored body with straight arms to our resin Jointed Body offerings as it is most befitting to the Rohmer poupee.  As with all of our resin bodies, a lovely shoulder plate as well as a stamped Rohmer collarette is included with the body. If you feel you want to pour your own shoulder plate, we do have a mold available on our site (Item# HJBM) which will fit any of our head molds.

    We recommend the following components and supplies to use with the ROHMER mold:

    Item 3024-10 French Eyes ONLY if you choose to use glass eyes rather than paint the eyes. We recommend the Chantelle Blue color for best results.

    Item 1016 Rohmer Wig - available in 3 exclusive new colors

    Item 1017 Patience Wig - available in 3 exclusive new colors

    Item FFCPC - French China paint kit

    And, of course our Item RB12.5 resin Jointed Body as described above.

    Additionally, we are thrilled to have available an exceptional and exquisite ROHMER PATTERN DP119 which was on our debut Mademoiselle Patience as well as a complete fabric kit CH119 to accompany the pattern. Please read more about these items in further detail on our website as you are sure to want to get started on Patience's costume so once your ROHMER is ready, she can be costumed in the elegant style that Rohmer dolls are renowned for.

    For those wanting to purchase a complete Mademoiselle Patience Rohmer, please visit the Photo Gallery on our website to view the work of various doll artists who can make you your own Mademoiselle Patience. How exciting to be able to own a ROHMER of your own!


  • Model: RH1


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