Product Description

  • Is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-abrasive, pH balanced and completely biodegradable surface cleaner.
  • Will remove sticky films from vinyl materials like boat seats, dolls like American Girl and action figures like GI Joe.
  • Is not intended for use on composition, wax, papier mache or polymer clay dolls. This cleaning product was designed specifically to solve the difficult cleaning problems encountered with porcelain, vinyl and other hard and soft plastic dolls and action figures.
  • Will remove old blood, smoke, crayon, chewing gum, food stains, grease, lipstick, tar, tape and sticker residues, wax and most other soils.
  • Is very effective for cleaning dirt, mildew or "Time Grime" from the eyes of a doll or action figure.
  • Will remove LOOSE paint or LOOSE cosmetic features (like decal eyes) from dolls and action figures as though they were dirt or soil.
  • Will remove oil-based paint from brushes and skin. Soak brushes until the paint softens, then wash.
  • Is an excellent airbrush cleaner.
  • Is an excellent jewelry cleaner.



General Cleaning

  • Formula 9-1-1 can be used safely at full strength.
  • Dilute one part of Formula 9-1-1 with three parts of water.
  • Dip a cotton ball or cotton swab in the solution. Use a gentle back and forth motion to clean. Rinse the area with a clean soft cloth or cotton ball; buff lightly with a soft dry cloth or paper towel.


Wig Removal

  • Formula 9-1-1 will soften most adhesives. Stand the doll on her head in an appropriate sized container.
  • Apply Formula 9-1-1 full strength to wig and head. Continue soaking until the adhesive softens. Work wig loose by pulling gently and evenly away from head. Remove any residue by soaking wig in diluted Formula 9-1-1.



  • Do not put composition doll head in any liquid. If old glue is dry and brittle you might try working the wig off by gentle pressure.
  • Remove residual glue by soaking wig in Formula 9-1-1 solution.
  • Removing Polymer Clay from Carpet and Clothing.
  • Apply full strength to problem area. Polymer clay will crumble. Vacuum or launder.



  • Soak piece in diluted (3:1) Formula 9-1-1 solution. Do not use if piece is glued.
  • Formula 9-1-1 will not remove tarnish.


The information and directions presented for use or given on this page are correct to the best of our knowledge. You must, however, use common sense and caution when using any cleaning or restoration material. A perfectly salvageable collectible can be damaged by careless use of any restoration material. Please remember to test every part of every doll every time in an unobtrusive spot prior to using any restoration material. If there is no reaction, e.g., bubbling, softening, loss of paint, etc. proceed... patiently and carefully.

Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water.

Keep this and all other chemical materials out of the reach of children.

Purchaser's sole and exclusive remedies for breach on any warranty concerning this product shall be replacement of the product or refund of the purchase price upon return of the unused portion of the product. Manufacturer shall not be liable for any consequential or other damage resulting from product use.