Daisyette "H" Head Mold

Daisyette "H" Head Mold
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We are so proud to offer our doll makers the opportunity to buy the head mold for Daisyette. Daisyette is Bleuette size and is the perfect companion for her. The "Daisyette H" mold is taken from a 13" original Heinrich Handwerck Daisy style head. Once made, this head mold fits any of our Bleuette bodies as well as wearing any of our Bleuette shoes, socks, etc. Our Daisyette Onesie with a bouquet of daisies on its front fits Daisyette perfectly (Item 10014). Make a Daisyette for your enjoyment or add to your Bleuette fun with her new friend. You can even enjoy the fun of having two darling Daisyette sisters by making both the Daisyette "K" and the Daisyette "H" dolls.

  • Model: JN532


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